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A variety of advanced, proven therapies to help your child.

Nothing means more to us than helping children overcome their challenges and go on to lead normal, happy, and productive lives. We do this by providing comprehensive therapy services in a fun, upbeat, positive, comfortable, and safe environment that can help your child develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually. We often combine a variety of interventions to achieve the best possible results. Therapies include:

Occupational Therapy

At Focus on Kids Too, our therapies improve organizational and motor planning skills, social skills, play skills, self-help skills, ball handling skills, bike riding, and sensory motor skills (body awareness, perceptions of movement and touch, visual perception, and fine-motor coordination) for children. We help them develop the skills they need to achieve their highest level of function. Read more...

Sensory Integration Intervention

Sensory integration refers to our brain’s ability to process and organize input from our senses, but also to combine (integrate) them together. This is how we perceive our environment, the people and objects in it, how we relate our body to them, and how they relate to each other. Read more...

Complementary Therapies

A number of complementary and alternative therapies such as the “Wilbarger Protocol” (commonly referred to as “brushing”), Handwriting without Tears, and Loops and other Groups (a neurokinesthetic approach to handwriting), have been developed to treat children with Sensory Processing Disorders. Read more...

Listening Therapy: The Listening Program & Integrated Listening Systems

We listen not only with our ears but with our whole body. Sound and music are intimately connected to movement, learning, and sensory processing. That’s why children in listening therapy are often compelled to move and explore the world around them in new and different ways. Read more...

Let Focus on Kids Too help your child reach his/her full potential. Call 847-412-9772 or fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your free telephone consultation with our board-certified pediatric occupational therapists. Se habla español!