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Helping children with sensory processing disorders through occupational therapy.

The goal of occupational therapy (OT) is to help children improve their ability to perform their occupations in the home environment, the community, and in school. We help children to identify, regulate, interpret, and execute appropriate physical and behavioral responses to various sensations so they can perform everyday “occupations” properly. Such occupations include: playing with friends, participating in school activities, and completing daily routines like getting dressed, using the bathroom, and knowing how to eat with a spoon, fork, and knife.

OT that is specifically designed for children with sensory processing disorders (SPD) and sensory integration disorders is surprisingly fun! In fact, to the untrained observer, it looks like nothing more than child’s play. Our center has lots of toys and equipment for swinging, spinning, and climbing. We also expose children with many tactile, visual, and listening opportunities. To your child, we will appear much more like a big playground than an occupational therapy center.

We are incredibly patient and understanding. We will treat you and your child with highly personalized care, concern, and respect. The goal of Focus on Kids Too is to help your child develop the automatic and appropriate responses to all kinds of sensations. This will allow your child to perform all kinds of daily occupations (activities) and social interactions. As your child becomes more competent, he or she will enjoy an increase in self-esteem and independence. You will also see improvements in self-regulation and sensorimotor abilities.

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved sensory processing skills
  • Improved management of surroundings and work space
  • Improved participation in social situations
  • Improved self-control in classroom
  • Increased interest in peers, toys, and activities
  • Reduced aggression toward peers
  • Reduced clumsiness and awkwardness in physical activity

To learn more about how our unique and highly personalized brand of OT (occupational therapy) can help your child, call Focus on Kids Too today.

We can help your child overcome his/her sensory processing disorders. Call Focus on Kids Too at 847-412-9772 or fill out our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your free telephone consultation with our board-certified pediatric occupational therapistsSe habla español!