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Passively listening to music has been demonstrated in numerous studies to increase
performance in math skills, spatial reasoning, verbal recall, language development,
emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills. When children passively listen to
music, they are undergoing physiological changes in the brain. The brain is entering a
state called “alpha” where learning is most efficient. Research has found that the ideal
state for learning is when the brain is in a relaxed, but still aware.

The Listening Program and Integrated Listening Systems Intervention 

These professionally designed auditory stimulation tools cause the brain to reach an alpha
level. Children who suffer from motor and sensory deficits have difficulty reaching this
level on their own. Through the integration of music intervention and occupational
therapy, children will perform at a significantly higher level. This occurs because the child’s
brain is re-training itself by increasing the efficiency of neural connections. Occupational
therapy is the primary tool for establishing more efficient connections as it relates to
motor control and sensory processing. The Listening Program and Integrated Listening
Systems Intervention help children better understand their emotions (emotional
intelligence), spatial reasoning (thinking about their movements), and interpersonal skills
(how well they interact with their peers).

Early diagnosis and treatment is the key

Here at Focus on Kids Too, our experienced and highly qualified occupational
therapists provide personalized sensory integration therapy for children of all ages.
In some cases, we can eliminate sensory processing problems. In other cases, we can
teach children how to cope with their problems in a less disruptive, more appropriate
and more socially acceptable manner.

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